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Donnell Leahy is an extraordinarily gifted fiddle player whose professional career spans over 30 years.

nghe si

Leahy is the name of a Canadian fork music group. The eight band members, all from the Leahy family of 11 siblings, are from touring Canada and internationally since the early 1980s when they were known as The Leahy Family. In 1985, they were the subject of a short film entitled Leahy: Music Most of All which received an Academy award in the category of “Best Foreign Student Film” The members of Leahy take great pride in their Irish roots and their Canadian upbringing.

The line-up of the group varies depending upon the availability of its members who come and go due to marriage, raising children, and other commitments. During the 1980s and early 1990s, the band recorded a number of privately released LPs and cassettes (most of which used the same title, The Leahy Family).

Donnell is the front-man and lead fiddler for “Leahy.” You’ll also find him sharing the stage with wife Natalie MacMaster, and brothers Doug and Angus.


In 1997, the band resumed recording with their “relaunch” album, Leahy which also introduced the group’s new branding. Leahy was an instrumental album, but the band also includes vocal performances in their live performances and subsequent albums have included both vocals and instrumentals.